ashthomas//blog: February 2006


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Style High Club

Last Friday night we went to see my friend Keith's band, Style High Club, play at the Rhino Room. They were launching their debut album, Creativity Department, which I have been lucky to have had a copy of for a few weeks now.

Style High Club is a hip-hop quartet, comprising two MCs, a percussionist and a DJ. Keith is one of the MCs and also a producer of the music. Their sound is distinctly Australian, although influences of politically and morally conscious American alternative hip-hop are clearly present. Keith and Style High Club were profiled not long ago in dB Magazine, the local street press paper for Adelaide. Read the article to hear Keith describe his style in his own words.

The album is fantastic, and they are already, within days of release, receiving airplay on Triple J. Two of the stand-out tracks are available on the Style High website, so check them out.

The show for the album launch was a great success. According to In The Mix's review of the night, "the crowd read like a who's who of Adelaide hip hop", although I am not familiar enough with the local scene to have recognised anyone. I enjoyed the support acts, but the stars of the night were definitely Keith and his crew, who played the best show I have seen them perform.

Style High Club is a band to keep an eye on. You can purchase the album from Big Star Records.