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Monday, June 05, 2006

Deadwood will return

Apparently HBO and David Milch have come to an agreement about the future of Deadwood:

HBO had offered Milch a six-episode pickup for Season 4 rather than the 12-episode norm for the show since its premiere in 2004.

Milch was said to have not been in favor of a six-episode final season because of the show's emphasis on each episode representing a day in the life of the lawless camp in late-1800s South Dakota, where the show is set. The shift of the final 'Deadwood' installments to a two-hour movie format will allow for a clean break with that day-in-the-life format and allow the rest of the story to unfold on a broader narrative canvas.

My first reaction was disbelief: since I had heard that the main reason Milch had turned down the 6 episode offer was that he didn't feel he could do justice to the story in that space, I couldn't believe that he had accepted an offer of effectively two thirds of the air-time.

His explanation does make sense, in a way. However if he could allow himself to deviate from the format of the first three seasons of one day per episode by doing two movies not limited to a day, then why not simply compromise and do 6 hour-long episodes like that instead of 4 hours worth of movies?

I guess I am just keen to maximise the Deadwood experience.


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